Abracon Launches Brand-New Power Inductor Performance Analyzer™ Online Tool

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SPICEWOOD, Texas, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Abracon, a leading provider of Frequency Control, Timing, Power, Magnetics, RF and Antenna solutions, has announced the addition of their brand-new Power Inductor Performance Analyzer™ (PIPA) to the Abracon website.

Abracon has constructed a new Power Inductor Performance Analyzer™ to help designers and engineers understand the true performance of Abracon inductors while researching and sourcing parts for their designs. When it comes to inductors, two important specifications to keep in mind are Isat and Irms. With this new tool, engineering and procurement professionals will be able to effectively depict the behavior of these two phenomena and understand how to best integrate these inductors into their designs.

The new PIPA aids engineers in interpreting an inductor's Isat, or the current level that can flow through an inductor before reaching a point of magnetic saturation. This saturation occurs when the magnetic field strength within the inductor's core cannot increase proportionally with the applied current, leading to a drop in its inductance and the loss of its intended behavior. This is a vital metric when rating the performance of an inductor.

The Power Inductor Performance Analyzer™ also portrays an inductor's Irms, or the current an inductor can handle without experiencing significant performance loss due to heat. Understanding this specification allows engineers and designers to set boundaries centered around thermal dissipation that can impact surrounding components and reduce energy efficiencies.

"The new Power Inductor Performance Analyzer (PIPA) is designed to change the way our customers and other users interact with and understand the natural performance of Abracon inductors," says Matthew Deleon, Product Manager of Power & Magnetics. "This tool promises to enhance the inductor selection process and provide data of typical performance where datasheets can only showcase singular data points traditionally specified for worst case scenarios."

Learn more at https://abracon.com/power-inductor-performance-analyzer-introduction.

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