AGAO Unveils Solar-Powered bikes and scooters at EV Indonesia 2024: Innovations for a Greener Future

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Step into the future of transportation with AGAO's mass produced solar-powered bikes and scooters at EV Indonesia 2024, where innovation meets sustainability. This landmark event, co-located with INAPA 2024 at the Jakarta International Expo from May 15-17, underscores a significant leap towards sustainable transportation solutions.

AGAO's product lineup — the Solar Bikes and Solar Scooters — is crafted to push the boundaries of modern urban mobility. These vehicles are not only eco-friendly but also feature unique design elements. They are equipped with advanced photovoltaic batteries that automatically charge whenever the battery is not full, whether in motion or at rest. Just a few hours of sunlight are enough to fully charge the battery, making it more convenient to charge than traditional electric vehicles.

"Experience the freedom of solar mobility firsthand at Booth B1B3-10," invites  AGAO Team. "Our solar-powered vehicles not only liberate users from the constraints of traditional charging infrastructure but also showcase a perfect blend of functionality and environmental stewardship."

AGAO Unveiling Solar-Powered bikes and scooters at EV Indonesia 2024
AGAO Unveiling Solar-Powered bikes and scooters at EV Indonesia 2024

AGAO's solar-powered vehicles boast over 30 patented technologies, leading the zero-carbon travel revolution and are ready to meet the growing global demand for green transportation solutions. The brand's commitment is demonstrated through a successful commercial presence in over seven countries and rigorous product testing in more than twenty. AGAO's vehicles have been acclaimed for their safety, reliability, and low environmental impact, making significant strides in reducing urban air pollution.

"Indonesia is a key market for us," says AGAO. "We are exploring partnerships and investments to further tailor our offerings to meet local needs and support Indonesia's goals for environmental sustainability."

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As the pioneer and leader in mobile solar power technology, AGAO is dedicated to revolutionizing the electric vehicle industry with solutions that promise zero-carbon emissions and enhanced user freedom. AGAO has broken through traditional solar applications and conventional electric vehicles to become the first to invent and commercialize mass-produced solar-powered vehicles. AGAO leverages cutting-edge solutions to enhance everyday travel, making it safer, more accessible, and environmentally responsible.


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