Ampace Is Giving Sustainable Solar Power for All.

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HONG KONG, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ampace is excited to announce the release of its new solar panels. This 100-watt solar panel is water, weather and dust proof. It's been created to be durable for whatever situations arise.

Solar power is generated through photovoltaic technology and it is natural, renewable, and clean. It does not involve the burning of any fossil fuels or the emission of greenhouse gasses that contribute to the global climate change crisis.

At Ampace, the solar panels have been developed with maximum capacity and safety in mind. Environmentally conscious consumers are expecting more and more from their products to meet their demands. Ampace believes in its solar panel's efficacy and its effectiveness paired with its consistent quality control checking.

Ampace 100w portable solar panel is designed for Ampace P600 power station, they go hand in hand and provide the ultimate power supply for off-grid living and expeditions.  The featured Ampace solar panel with an industry-leading Monocrystalline cell layer that achieves a 22% energy conversion rate, it can fully charge the P600 within 6-8 hours. (Depending on the lighting conditions).

Ampace Is Giving the Gift of Power This Christmas
Ampace Is Giving the Gift of Power This Christmas

Winter time brings images of frozen lakes, hot mulled wine and burning logs on the fire with the snow falling gently outside.

Interestingly, many people believe that solar won't work well in colder climates. That's not true. Solar panels are actually more efficient in colder temperatures because excessive heat can reduce the voltage they produce. Solar works anywhere there is daylight. In fact, on cold, clear days, snow from the ground can reflect extra sunlight onto your solar panels like a mirror.

Ampace has been designed with the LiFePO4 battery to ensure that it has the ability to operate in colder temperatures. This allows those living in the chilliest of climates to be rest-assured that Ampace has it covered and will work just fine, even in freezing conditions.  

The Ampace P600 features a capable 600-watt inverter (1800-watt surge) designed to handle everything from power-hungry devices and electronics to small appliances. It's able to power laptops, portable fridges, coffee makers, and much more.

Get a gift for a loved one this Christmas, that is not only useful, but can open up new ways of living and spending free time.


Ampace has over 20 years experience in the energy storage industry and is committed to building the world's leading power stations for new-era living, van dwellers, storage systems, high-profile explorers and off-grid life.

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