Dreametech D10s Plus Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum with AI to Launch in US

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SAN FRANCISCO, May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dreametech, a fast-growing technology company and leading manufacturer of home cleaning appliances, is excited to announce the launch of its highly anticipated D10s series of robot vacuums in the United States market. The D10s series includes two models, the D10s Pro and the D10s Plus, both of which make advanced features — including AI-powered obstacle recognition, advanced LDS mapping, and a powerful 5,000Pa suction — available at an affordable price point (D10s Plus $439.99, D10sPro $299.99).

Dreametech D10s Plus Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum with AI to Launch in US
Dreametech D10s Plus Auto-Empty Robot Vacuum with AI to Launch in US

D10s Plus is the standout product in the D10s series. Featuring a base station that automatically empties the robot's dust box — powered by Dreametech's exclusive DualBoost 1.0 auto-empty system that empties quickly and prevents clogging — D10s Plus is the ideal choice for busy households. With a maximum dust collection period of 65 days, thanks to the extra-large 4L dust bag, D10s Plus has the longest dust collection period out of any robot vacuum on the market retailing for less than $550. This feature alone makes it a must-have for anyone looking for a low-maintenance cleaning solution that allows them to essentially forget about vacuuming their home.

In addition to its impressive dust collection capabilities, D10s Plus also boasts Dreametech's powerful AI Action and advanced LiDAR navigation technology, making it one of the few robot vacuums at its price point that uses AI technology. The advanced navigation system allows D10s Plus to map out your home and clean it with precision, ensuring that every inch of your floors is thoroughly cleaned. AI Action intelligently identifies obstacles and determines how best to clean around them, allowing D10s Plus to effectively avoid hazards without compromising its cleaning capabilities.

D10s Plus also features a bristleless-rubber brush design, which effectively cleans hard floors by grabbing dirt and stirs up deeply embedded debris in carpet, while still being gentle on your floors. With a massive 5,000 Pa suction power, D10s Plus boasts the strongest suction rating of any robot vacuum on the market under $550. Its 5200mAh battery capacity also ensures prolonged continuous cleaning, making it the perfect choice for individuals or families with larger homes.

For those looking for all of these advanced features but not in need of an auto-empty base station, the D10s Pro is available in the series. D10s Pro offers the same advanced AI, LiDAR navigation, and powerful suction as D10s Plus, without the extra expense or space required for the base station.

The D10s series robot vacuums can be purchased on Dreametech's Amazon Store. From May 24–June 6, customers can enjoy exclusive discounts on both models in the series. Save $110 on D10s Plus with the code "D10splus110" to get a huge discount off the original price of $549.99. Alternatively, get $100 off D10s Pro with the code "D10sPro100" to save big time on the original $399.99 price tag.

"We are thrilled to bring the D10s series robot vacuums to the US market," said Product Manager for Dreametech. "With their advanced features and affordable price point, we believe they will be a game-changer in the home cleaning industry. We can't wait for customers to experience the convenience and efficiency of these innovative products."

For more information about the D10s series robot vacuums, please visit the Dreametech website.

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