Gaabor Presents the Ultimate Shopping Extravaganza: The "Gaabor 11.11 Mega Campaign"

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BANGKOK, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As the year-end approaches, Gaabor, a trailblazer in the world of household and electrical appliances, is set to ignite the shopping season with its much-anticipated "Gaabor 11.11 Mega Campaign." This colossal event comes in response to the latest online market trends, which indicate an unprecedented surge in consumer interest in electrical appliances, particularly products like ovens, coffee makers, fruit blenders, hair dryers, and vacuum cleaners. These items have emerged as the prime attractions of the Gaabor brand, boasting consistent monthly sales growth.

Gaabor 11.11 MAGA CAMPAIGN
Gaabor 11.11 MAGA CAMPAIGN

Gaabor's impressive product line features a wide array of vacuum cleaner options, each designed to meet various cleaning needs. Among them, the VCL20E-BK01A stands out as the brand's premium model, gaining widespread acclaim. This cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with powerful LED lights to illuminate those challenging nooks and crannies, while its robust 20,000PA suction capability ensures a thorough cleaning experience. Offering competitive pricing and exceptional performance, the VCL20E-BK01A has garnered a strong following, especially with the resurgence of PM dust in the latter part of the year.

In line with the prevailing health and wellness trend, a younger demographic is demonstrating a heightened focus on self-care and a discerning approach to product selection. Gaabor has taken note of the increasing demand for health-centric products, including oil-free fryers, rice cookers with steaming functions, fruit blenders, fruit juicers, and food processors. The upswing in home-cooked meals, even among those who consume protein supplements such as chicken protein shakes, has significantly contributed to the growing popularity of these products.

Recognizing the overwhelmingly positive response to these market trends and with the exciting 11.11 campaign right around the corner, Gaabor is delighted to introduce the "Gaabor 11.11 Mega Campaign." This exceptional sales event boasts a multitude of irresistible offers, including:

Special Product Sets: Featuring top-quality items at unbeatable prices. Exclusive Discount Codes: Providing savings of up to 1,111 baht. Limited-Quantity Discount Codes: Offering over 10% off for a limited time. Discounts Over 70%: On best-selling products. Over 100 Free Gifts: To express appreciation to our valued customers.

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