Introducing Dstny Converge: Universal FMC for the Next Generation of Mobile Business Communications.

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ORLANDO, Fl., March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dstny, the leader in Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and a global provider of cloud-based business communication solutions, announces the launch of Dstny Converge, a cutting-edge FMC proposition designed to bridge the gap between users' Unified Communication (UC) or business phone extensions, and dedicated mobile SIMs.

Introducing Dstny Converge - Universal FMC for the Next Generation of Mobile Business Communications.
Introducing Dstny Converge - Universal FMC for the Next Generation of Mobile Business Communications.

This innovative cloud-based solution empowers UC and mobile Service Providers to deliver seamless communication experiences through the mobile's native dialer without needing smartphones, apps, or data. Using the native calling capability of the user's cell phone provides reachability, reliability, and long battery life that data-dependent calling Apps cannot deliver.

Dstny is leveraging this market-leading voice technology and decades of experience and knowhow; today, Dstny delivers FMC services at an international scale to over 2.3 Million daily active mobile users and service providers offering Dstny's FMC see an adoption rate among business UC users of 92%

Powered by unique patented core bridging technology, Dstny Converge provides universal compatibility with virtually any existing UC service and the global network of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

"Several recent technical and market developments have enabled a new phase of opportunity for FMC-style services," said Johan Dalstrom, Chief Product Officer at Dstny. "Business-grade, reliable communications for users at the front-line and in the field, and new technological advancements such as eSIM and multi-SIM devices have made the addition of a work-line to any mobile phone simple and inexpensive."

Dalstrom continued, "With leading providers such as Microsoft recognizing the need and opportunity for FMC with the launch of Teams Phone Mobile, we're excited to be rolling out our carrier-grade proven technology to UC providers and mobile operators to enable them to have a competitive business offer. In addition, we've made it especially easy for the UC provider and the MNO to get connected with Dstny Converge; in particular, we give them the option to skip the IMS integration to the mobile operator to speed up the time to market".

The universal approach of integrating Dstny Converge to both UC platforms and mobile operators means that little or no engineering effort is required to get the service up and running. International mobile operator relationships that Dstny have in place allow UC providers to have the Dstny Converge offer in-market in record time, with the option for a UC provider to bring their MNO of choice if they prefer.

Dstny Converge offers numerous benefits for Service Providers to drive growth, including increased value, an expanded core proposition, and the ability to delight customers with quick enablement and self-service options.

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