Monotype Announces New Creative Partner Program

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Monotype announces Creative Partner Program with international foundries, Cadson Demak, Fontfabric, Latinotype, Matteson Typographics, and Parachute. The program offers a set of preferred foundry partners to work with Monotype on custom design work to benefit partners, customers, and the industry.

WOBURN, Mass., Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Monotype, a global leader in type and technology announced the Creative Partner Program with renowned foundries Cadson Demak, Fontfabric, Latinotype, Matteson Typographics and Parachute.

Monotype Announces New Creative Partner Program
Monotype Announces New Creative Partner Program

In the program, Creative Partner foundries will work alongside Monotype to solve key typographic design challenges facing modern brands, including expanded language coverage, achieving a distinct visual brand identity, and developing typography to perform across all consumer environments.  

"Monotype is delighted to launch our new Creative Partner Program and introduce our inaugural group of talented Creative Partner foundries from across the world – USA, Greece, Chile, Thailand, and Bulgaria. These foundries have immense experience in crafting custom typography for brands, agencies, and creative professionals,"  says Mike Matteo SVP, Global Channels & Alliances for Monotype. 

The Creative Partner Program will give Monotype's portfolio of global enterprise customers access to an expanded talent pool to satisfy the ever-growing number of customers who want to customize their visual voice.  The program will ensure global brands receive high quality custom design alongside Monotype's trusted one-stop-solution for font engineering and project management.

"I've had a long-standing relationship with Monotype, leading type re-branding projects for global companies such as Toyota, Rocket Mortgage, Microsoft and more. Type is central to visual communication, so I work to design type that is uniquely-suited for all brand touchpoints – both for current and future technologies. I'm delighted to be part of Monotype's Creative Partner Program, working alongside their world class studio team in pursuit of ideal brand typography," says Steve Matteson, Founder of Matteson Typographics.

"Fontfabric and Monotype have collaborated for more than ten years, with Fontfabric focusing on the creation of iconic typefaces like Nexa and Mont, and Monotype excelling in their global distribution. As we take our partnership to the next level by joining Monotype's Creative Partner Program, we are thrilled to offer enhanced value to the design and brand industry. The combination of Monotype's scalable design solutions and Fontfabric's globally recognized, multilingual typefaces will enable us to reach new heights in the ever-evolving design landscape," says Fontfabric's Creative Type Director, Plamen Motev.

"We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with Monotype as an official Creative Partner. Parachute has a proven track record in crafting custom typefaces and visual identities for iconic brands over the years. This partnership allows us to extend our library and distinctive approach to an even broader spectrum of brands and agencies, all while honoring the global impact of typography," says Panos Vassiliou, Director & Head of Creative at Parachute.  

"Humans are made to collaborate, and we are truly delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Monotype Studio team.  More and more, global companies are seeking a consistent brand identity across script systems. Cadson Demak offers this expertise in the growing Southeast Asia market. We have worked with Monotype for years, and we think it's about time to become an official Creative Partner. Together, we can address today's top global brands' design challenges," says Cadson Demak's Founding Partner, Anuthin Wongsunkakon.

"For the past 15 years, Latinotype Studio has designed and distributed hundreds of fonts globally, helping brands and designers express their visual identities across all consumer channels. We are honored to join Monotype's Creative Partner Program, expanding our long-standing relationship with one of the world's leading purveyors of typography. Together, we will create vibrant and expressive fonts expanding our Latin American passion for the brands of tomorrow," says Luciano Vergara, Founding Partner of Latinotype.

Tom Rickner Senior Director of Monotype Studio says, "I am excited to be able to offer our customers access to some remarkable type design talent, all while continuing to provide the level of customer care we in the Monotype Studio have become known for. I look forward to partnering with these foundries to produce compelling typographic solutions for brands and the creatives who serve them across the globe."

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