New program seeks to upgrade PH Army aeromedical capability

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(Photo courtesy of Philippine Army)

MANILA – The Philippine Army (PA) on Monday opened its first-ever aeromedical evacuation training program which is aimed at improving its life-saving capabilities as well as the survival of troops wounded in combat.

"A total of 17 students will undergo the blended training program that is divided into the Army Flight Medic Course and the Army Critical Care Flight Medic Course. The 21-week program will enhance the students’ knowledge and skills in treating and increasing the survivability of combat-wounded soldiers," PA spokesperson Col. Xerxes Trinidad said in a statement on Monday night.

The training also seeks to upgrade the Army Aviation Regiment’s aeromedical capability in anticipation of the acquisition of air assets that will be used in the transport of battle casualties, he added.

Aerial medical evacuation is the fastest way to transport a combat-wounded soldier from the point of injury to the nearest medical treatment facility.

“The course will capacitate Army surgeons, nurses, and flight technicians in improving the chances of survival of combat-wounded soldiers,” Army chief nurse Col. Maria Victoria Juan said.

Meanwhile, Army Aviation Regiment commander Col. Andre Santos, who graced the virtual event as guest of honor and speaker, said having this capability will greatly boost the morale of troops in the field.

“Being formerly assigned in the field myself, this training course will give our troops an added morale boost knowing that help is always nearby in case anything happens while we are accomplishing the mission," he added.

As this developed, Santos said the Army Aviation Regiment together with the Office of the Army Chief Nurse and the Office of the Army Chief Surgeon, will work to address the lack of medical evacuation helicopters manned by properly trained medical personnel, aviators, and their crew working together as a team. (PNA)