Patsnap Releases the 2023 Global Innovation Report

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LONDON, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Patsnap, the global leader in innovation and intellectual property intelligence, today revealed its highly anticipated "2023 Global Innovation Report" including this year's "Global Innovation 100" and "Global Disruption 50" lists. These lists spotlight companies and organizations that sit at the forefront of the global innovation landscape.

The report is built on the analysis of more than 100 million technology companies and the 180 million patents behind them. It identifies and celebrates both the world's top innovators, the Global Innovation 100, who have consistently pushed the boundaries of technology, and the rising Global Disruption 50, young companies who have developed remarkable technology capabilities, bringing disruptive change to the world. These global innovators and disruptors together represent the dynamic landscape of innovation, shaping the future of technology across a diverse array of industries.

The Global Innovation 100 companies are the greatest innovators of this era, with a huge technology size, outstanding technology quality, profound technology influence, as well as a high degree of technology globalization.

They hold strong leadership positions in the global technology landscape. Although accounting for less than 2% of the world's total tech companies, they are responsible for 22% of the world's patented inventions, generate 27% of total global PCT filings, and even contribute to an impressive 35% of the world's technology inspirations, as measured by patent citations. They come from 15 countries/regions, with the U.S. and Japan being the top countries of origin. However, in terms of patent applications, their technology footprints are spread across the world. Although these organizations show signs of a slowing pace of innovation, they are actively pursuing the development of cutting-edge technologies, for example, smart grids and biomedical engineering.

The Global Disruption 50 companies are ambitious companies that demonstrate disruptive innovation capabilities and a high growth rate.

Founded between 2009-2019, these organizations have built up an astonishing technology competitiveness in less than 15 years. They also exhibit a high growth rate with an average patent application CAGR of 51%. Despite their relatively modest size and limited global coverage, these organizations are already showcasing a potent technological influence that is initiating transformations across the world. For a typical Global Distribution 50 company, each of its patents receive 8.3 citations, almost equal to that of a Global Innovation 100 company. The United States maintains a dominant position, especially in IT and Life Science & Healthcare sectors and China is rapidly advancing with 20 companies on the list, particularly in High-Tech Manufacturing. From the Global Innovation 100 to the Global Disruption 50, the industry distribution indicates a shift from a "world of Atoms" to a "world of Bits". Nearly 30% of the Global Disruption 50 companies are from the IT domain - many of which are offering solutions integrating physical products and digital services.

Patsnap 2023 Global Innovation Report
Patsnap 2023 Global Innovation Report

access the full report and explore both this year's Global Innovation 100 and Global Disruptor 50 in-depth

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"The abundant tech data behind the Global Innovation 100 and Global Disruption 50 also sheds light on the overall landscape of innovation", said Haydn Evans, Senior Director of Marketing and GTM of Patsnap, "We can clearly see that innovation is deeply interconnected. 99 out of the Global Innovation 100 participants have collaborated on technology innovation with others from the list. Some of the Global Disruption 50 participants are even incubated by these Innovation 100. For example, Resideo and Advansix are both spin-offs from Honeywell, and Kioxia, the Japanese semiconductor leader, 'inherited' its core semiconductor technology of nearly 20K patents from its former parent company Toshiba."

The Global Innovation Report is built using Patsnap's proprietary Company Innovation Capability Evaluation Model. The model includes 1+4 dimensions and over 40 indicators, calculating a final innovation score for each tech company. Based on this model, Patsnap continuously evaluates the innovation capability of around 100 million tech companies all over the world, as well as their comprehensive innovation metrics, and the approximate 180 million patents behind them.

About Patsnap:

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