POLYSHINE SOLAR is renowned for its success at SNEC 2024 , creating a new pattern of lightweight solar modules

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SHANGHAI, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The 17th SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition was held grandly at the China National Convention and Exhibition Center from June 13th to 15th, 2024. POLYSHINE SOLAR debuted a new lightweight solar module which is the JY series with HPBC battery, featuring as a innovative new products in the PV industry.

POLYSHINE SOLAR is an innovative technology enterprise that integrates the research and development, production and sales of lightweight photovoltaic modules, has successively launched the JY series of lightweight modules and the BIPV YY series of prefabricated lightweight modules. The weight of POLYSHINE SOLAR products is less than 30% of traditional glass modules, with a bending radius of up to 0.5m. It adopts a convenient installation method that will not cause damage to the roofing, perfectly meeting the installation requirements of light load, curved building, and non perforated installation. In addition, POLYSHINE SOLAR lightweight modules have also obtained authoritative certifications such as TUV, CQC, CE, and RETIE.

Durable power generation material guarantee - POLYSHINE SOLAR has creatively developed a new type of super weather resistant polymer composite encapsulating material, making lightweight modules fearless of extreme weather tests. At the same time, the flame retardant grade of the POLYSHINE SOLAR modules can reach building B1 level&UL94-V0, with excellent high flame retardancy.

Efficient power generation material guarantee - The bending modulus of POLYSHINE SOLAR modules reaches 1300MPa, surpassing our competitors by 100%, which can effectively reduce battery cracking problems caused by handling, installation, extreme weather and other factors; At the same time, the material also has super strong resistance to UV yellowing and super long resistance to moisture and heat, which can significantly reduce the efficiency degradation rate of the modules; The transmittance of the front panel is ≥ 91%, so the conversion efficiency exceeds 22%, and there is no barrier for photoelectric conversion.

At present, POLYSHINE SOLAR's products have been widely used in global industrial and commercial building roofs, agricultural and animal husbandry roofs, public/municipal building roofs, traffic sound barriers and other fields. Welcome to contact us and work together to promote the development of lightweight photovoltaic products worldwide, to achieve a win-win future!