Roborock Introduces S7 Max Ultra and Q Revo With Unique Roborock App Features For Seamless Cleaning Experiences

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The leading smart home brand expands its robot vacuum range offering premium automated maintenance and cleaning benefits

HONG KONG, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Roborock, creator of ultra-intelligent home robotics engineered to simplify life, is excited to share the latest additions to their suite of smart home cleaning devices, the S7 Max Ultra and Q Revo robot vacuum and mop. The S7 Max Ultra is the latest addition to the brand's S-Series, combining powerful self-maintenance capabilities, cleaning functions, and intelligent app features for ease of use. While the Q Revo offers outstanding maintenance-free smart features in a package unmatched in value.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra
Roborock S7 Max Ultra

"Roborock is dedicated to delivering a better living experience without compromise through innovation. Now more than ever, floor cleaners like robot vacuums with cutting-edge hands-off automation and cleaning efficiency are increasingly vital to everyday life," says Richard Chang, Founder & CEO of Roborock. "The most sought-after robot vacuum features are often found in the premium sector, which enables a totally hands-off cleaning experience. Order numbers of our flagship models echo our customer's excitement about the product's benefits and the strong trust in the brand. With continuous enhancements to our product range, we are ensuring more customers can enjoy our transformative innovations previously only found in our flagship models. This is where the S7 Max Ultra and Q Revo come in."

Roborock S7 Max Ultra: For Those Who Don't Compromise

Merging innovation, practicality, and ease of use, Roborock's S7 Max Ultra is a complete cleaning package equipped with cleaning and automation features found in the brand's flagship S8 Series, bringing high-performance hands-free cleaning without compromising on any essential benefits.

6-in-1 Maintenance Free Ultra Dock

Equipped with Roborock's RockDock™ Ultra, which offers Self-Emptying, Mop-Washing and Drying, Self-Refilling, Self-Cleaning, and Fast Charging, the S7 Max Ultra mitigates any added maintenance, so users can let the vacuum tackle messes on its own.

Flagship-Matching Cleaning Performance

The S7 Max Ultra is readied with an extreme 5,500Pa suction power that captures messes from floors and carpets without difficulty. Paired with Roborock's VibraRise® Mopping system that automatically lifts when cleaning on carpets and scrubs against floors at a frequency of 3,000 times per minute, users can experience powerful hands-free cleaning performance.

Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance

The S7 Max Ultra features Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance to ensure the vacuum identifies and avoids obstacles when cleaning, while LiDAR-based Navigation finds an optimal route to clean the home.

Q Revo: It's The Simple Things

Roborock is also introducing the new Q Revo, an all-in-one vacuum and mop which uses an alternative mopping system to the brand's signature VibraRise® system and an all-new maintenance dock.

Introducing A New Mopping System

Roborock's first-ever dual spinning mop system effectively cleans floors at 200 RPM speed and the automatic mop lifting feature for up to 7mm allows it to mop floors and vacuum in one go, without trailing stains or messes.

Maintenance-Free Dock

After cleaning, the Q Revo returns to a newly designed multifunctional dock, which performs self-emptying, self-refilling, mop washing with drying, and fast charging, so users don't have to worry about cleaning up afterward.

Effective Vacuuming Capability and Intelligence

With an extreme suction power of 5,500Pa, an all-rubber brush, and Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance, Roborock's Q Revo offers an effective and powerful vacuuming performance on the floor that also helps to avoid hair tangles and obstacles on different floor types.

Roborock App: Everything Is Under Control

S7 Max Ultra and Q Revo are compatible with the Roborock App, allowing full control of the robot at the user's fingertips. Users can elevate their cleaning experience using No-Go Zones, Quick Mapping, Custom Cleaning Schedules, Multi-Level Mapping, 3D Mapping, and more. The latest and unique features introduced are Deep Carpet Cleaning, Clean Along Floor Direction, and Smart Suggestion for No-Go Zones, enabling users to have an even more efficient and worry-free cleaning experience.

S7 Max Ultra and Q Revo will be available for purchase on Amazon and Roborock's Official Store in the United States beginning on 11th June 2023, with an Early Bird offer starting 1st June. The S7 Max Ultra retails for an MSRP of $1,299.99, and the Q Revo at $899.99.

About Roborock

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Roborock Q Revo
Roborock Q Revo