Things People Need to Know about COVID-19 Tests and HIV Tests

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Testing for the so-called viral particles using PCR is the main way for the health authorities to show that diseases are caused by viral infections and that some of the microorganisms found in our body are really dangerous and can kill us in some circumstances. The question is – is it really the case? Do materials found in PCR tests can really make a person sick? Is there any proof to this hypothesis?

Despite the fact that until now the science on this is not yet settled, people are still being made to believe that it is really the truth. Indeed, the indoctrination for this dogma in general has become stronger this year since this fake COVID pandemic has started. Even though for decades, people, including experts, have been clamoring about this, this unproven conclusion is still being used not only for the COVID scandal today but also for other virus scandals as well, including the HIV-AIDS hypothesis, for the big pharmaceuticals with the help of the governments of course, to impose harsh health protocols and other policies that benefit not the public but in reality, the pharmaceutical companies’ interests and also the people like Bill Gates.   

Just like in the HIV-AIDS narrative, this test is the basis for these scary coronavirus protocols that the World Health Organization (WHO) is helping to impose in which people can be forced to be removed from their houses and to be brought to isolation facilities and even be forced to consent to potentially dangerous medical treatments or medications, their medical needs can be dismissed and ignored, and even their families can be prohibited from attending their wake or for having a normal funeral pyre. In addition, this test is also being used to justify the shutting of the food supply, the trampling of personal liberties and freedom, the destruction of the economy, the enforcement of martial law-type government response, and perhaps to implement mandatory or forced vaccination in the future.    

But again, let’s go back to the question: do they really have evidence that what they identify from the tests is really the cause of a disease? According to Jason Christoff, a health educator and a prolific writer:  

“The process used for COVID testing has always been deemed “an invention”, as it was never qualified as a test. This invention is called PCR, standing for polymerase chain reaction. The inventor of PCR, Kary B. Mullis, said “these PCR tests cannot detect infectious free viruses at all.” That’s direct from the inventor of PCR. The PCR was invented to merely have bits of genetic material in a sample multiply until those small broken pieces were numerous enough to see under a microscope. PCR just helps scientists observe small things in greater quantity. Where those bits of genetic material came from, what they do, do they make people sick etc…..the PCR process is not involved in that determination what so ever.”

Just like how the HIV tests are being done, testing for COVID heavily relies on the PCR that’s why it’s not difficult to understand that they are basically the same; that these alleged viral-diseases are similar in many aspects. This is why it would be helpful to look at how experts view HIV and its testing. Without further ado, here are the statements from experts regarding HIV tests that might help you understand more of what’s going on and what kind of “operation” the people behind these medical scams are doing:     

“Those damn HIV tests should be outlawed. They’re lethal. First of all, it’s a death sentence in South Africa. People commit suicide, they’ve been stoned to death, they’ve had their houses burned down, they’ve been murdered. Just for having antibodies to HIV. They have been ostracized. And in certain rural communities, ostracism is equivalent to death. So you’re scared to death, first of all. And then you start taking the anti-HIV drugs, which cause AIDS, and if you take them long enough they will kill you.” - New York Press, vol. 14, no. 16, 2002

“HIV tests are meaningless. A person can react positive even though he or she is not infected with HIV. The tests are interpreted differently in different countries, which means that a person who is positive in Africa [or Thailand] can be negative when tested in Australia. There is no justification for the fact that most people have not been informed about the serious inaccuracy of the tests. The error has catastrophic repercussions on thousands of people. Since people are reacting positive on tests that are not specific for HIV, let’s please stop labeling them as ‘HIV positive.’” - Continuum Magazine, Mid-Winter 1999

“The HIV hypothesis of AIDS is the biggest scientific, medical blunder of the 20th Century. The evidence is overwhelming that AIDS is not contagious, sexually transmitted, or caused by HIV. The physicians who know or suspect the truth are embarrassed or afraid to admit that the HIV tests are absurd and should be outlawed, and that the anti-HIV drugs are injuring and killing people.” - Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg, SA, Jan 24, 2001

“The so-called ‘HIV’ tests are unspecific; the positive results they may give are misleading and lead to the false belief in the existence of a viral epidemic. A positive test — and this applies especially to Africa — is not a sign of a specific viral infection. These so-called ‘HIV’ tests are deceptive, in that the positive results give the illusion that a precise diagnosis has been made.”

“And yet, it is these very same misleading [HIV test] results which constitute the basis of official statistics and which lead, first the experts, then the scientists, medical doctors, newspaper reporters, and finally the general public to believe that Africa is being ravaged by a specific viral infection called ‘HIV/AIDS!’ People speak of an epidemic of ‘HIV/AIDS,’ but the only thing which has the appearance of an epidemic is what I would call the ‘epidemic of tests,’ an artificial epidemic which is being actively promoted.” — Dr. Marc Deru, MD, Visé, Belgium December 8, 2003, address to European Parliament Conference on AIDS in Africa, Brussels


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