VIAIM's Nano+ Conference Recording Earbuds Sales Improve in Singapore Due to Expansion and Making Life More Efficient for Businesspeople

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The innovative VIAIM Nano+ earbuds have become an indispensable and efficient office tool for businesspeople globally

HEFEI, China, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- VIAIM,  an AI technology hardware company deeply rooted in the smart office sector, has ramped up its expansion in the Singapore market with its flagship hi-tech VIAIM Nano+ conference recording earbuds, now available in 18 stores around the city-state. The innovative earbuds, designed specifically with 25- to 45-year-old professionals and corporate executives in mind for use in multiple business scenarios, have been hugely popular with office workers due to their extremely efficient business functions and performance.

The VIAIM Nano+ earbuds are equipped with VIAIM AI, which is essentially a personal AI conference assistant that provides summarization and extraction functions, extracting key information from extensive texts that transforms meetings into written records through real-time audio-to-text transcription, quickly generating post-meeting action items and concise summaries. Task extraction capabilities allow VIAIM AI to analyze recorded content and generate a to-do list, giving busy businesspeople a clear overview of follow-up tasks, and significantly improving office efficiency.

The Nano+ earbuds are equipped with advanced Flash Record™ technology. Each earbud includes two hours of recording storage space. By simply pressing a button on the earbuds, users can quickly record and store important content on the go, without the need to start a phone app. The product is available in three recording modes: call recording, on-site recording, as well as audio and video recording. The Nano+ earbuds feature real-time audio-to-text conversion and support translation in 11 languages, with a transcription accuracy of up to 98%. The 45dB super active noise reduction ensures no distractions in important meetings, also making the earbuds a perfect companion for relaxation. The 40-hour super-long charging box plus the extensive earbud battery life ensures battery life for a whole day of meetings, allowing busy entrepreneurs to relax about battery anxiety.

"As a project manager, I often need to participate in various remote video conferences, and in my frequent business meetings, the VIAIM Nano+ earbuds have become an indispensable assistant for me. They provide excellent sound quality and noise reduction, and they allow me to connect my laptop and mobile phone simultaneously, meaning I can switch freely between my different devices," said John Smith, a project manager with Singapore Tech Corp.

"Additionally, they offer real-time recording and transcription anywhere, and the VIAIM AI assistant helps summarize meeting highlights with a single click and generate to-do lists. The comfortable design of the headphones allows me to wear them for long periods without feeling any tiredness in my ears, which greatly improves the comfort and efficiency of my meetings, reducing distractions and enhancing overall productivity," added John.

VIAIM Product Manager, David Lee, said: The VIAIM Nano+ earbuds are not just a headset, they represent our innovation and vision for the office of the future. We are fully committed to empowering every professional to work more efficiently in every environment with this product."

VIAIM Nano+ earbuds are now available in 18 stores around Singapore, including 6 Atrix stores, 3 Best Denki stores, 2 Courts stores, 6 Harvey Norman stores, and 1 Popular store.


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