Wemade and Matter Labs sign partnership as part of WEMIX PLAY's full-fledged expansion to Ethereum

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WEMIX PLAY, the world's largest blockchain game platform, expands to Ethereum Provide a safer and more transparent intergame economy through cooperation with Matter Labs Rollup Layer 2 zkSync Era developer Matter Labs is working on the latest Layer 3 Hyperchains

SAN FRANCISCO, March 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading Korea-based blockchain gaming company Wemade, a key sponsor at this week's GDC 2023, has signed a partnership with Matter Labs, which developed the Ethereum roll-up layer 2 (L2) zkSync Era.

Wemade and Matter Labs sign partnership
Wemade and Matter Labs sign partnership

zkSync Era is an open-source layer 2 chain that solves the limitations of Ethereum's high gas cost, limited scalability, and performance by using zero knowledge proofs. It has the advantage of extending the security, trustlessness and permissionless access of Ethereum, and further strengthening the decentralization and community-based experience.

Currently, Matter Labs is developing HyperChains, its Layer 3 solution that is expected to provide limitless performance, limitless scaling with limitless customization and exponentially reduce data costs.

Through this collaboration, Wemade plans not only to secure the global competitiveness of WEMIX PLAY - the world's largest blockchain game platform with more than 20 million users worldwide - but also to expand its scope to the Ethereum ecosystem, massive user base and vast numbers of dApps. Based on this, it provides users with a safer and more transparent inter-game economy, and supports low cost and fast transactions on the Ethereum network with zkSync Era and HyperChains.

The partnership will also enable WEMIX PLAY to build technology and infrastructure that can onboard more blockchain games to the WEMIX ecosystem.

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