YEEDI Showcases Innovative Tech with Prime Day Deals on Robot Vacuums

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- YEEDI, a cutting-edge service robot brand offering advanced, human-centric floor cleaning robots, is excited to showcase its advanced cleaning technologies, now more accessible than ever with exclusive Amazon Prime Day discounts. Starting 16th July 2024 for a limited time only, YEEDI is offering substantial savings on its range of robot vacuums, making its advanced cleaning solutions available to a wider audience.

YEEDI Robot Vacuums
YEEDI Robot Vacuums

Cutting-Edge Technologies on Display

Robot vacuums have become an integral part of modern households, evolving significantly since their inception to meet the growing demand for convenient and efficient cleaning solutions. YEEDI's product lineup incorporates several groundbreaking technologies that are transforming home cleaning, representing the evolution of the industry in response to significant consumer needs for efficient, cost-effective, and versatile cleaning solutions.

ZeroTangle Technology: With ZeroTangle technology, the M12 PRO+ and C12 series revolutionize how robot vacuums handle hair and debris, allowing YEEDI products to effectively capture hair without the risk of clogging. The V-shaped roller brush efficiently eliminates hair with its 21° design and anti-static bristles. Dual Comb Teeth Arrays enhance performance by proactively sweeping hair into the suction port, ensuring thorough cleaning. A streamlined cavity structure and high-suction fan capture hair, guaranteeing uninterrupted cleaning and minimal maintenance, allowing users to focus on their priorities. Truedge Adaptive Edge Mopping Technology: The M12 PRO+ features Truedge technology, ensuring that mopping pads effectively hug furniture edges, eliminating blind spots and enhancing coverage in hard-to-reach areas. This technology guarantees thorough cleaning by reaching corners and edges that traditional methods often miss. Industry-First OZMO Mega Mopping System: Featuring OZMO Mega Mopping System, the C12 PRO PLUS delivers exceptional cleaning performance with its powerful 6N downward pressure that ensures deep penetration into grime and stains, setting it apart from other robotic mops that typically do not apply additional pressure. Its extensive pressure-enhanced vibration area of 3.72 in²—which covers 3.9 times more surface area than competitors—coupled with a vibration amplitude of 0.39 inches, means that it is able to cover more area and capture more dirt, leading to superior dirt removal and more efficient cleaning cycles. Cutting-Edge Auto-Empty Station: The C12 PRO PLUS and C12 PLUS are equipped with a state-of-the-art Auto-Empty Station, featuring PureCyclone Technology and a 4-Stage Filtration System. This advanced system provides powerful and long-lasting dust collection while preventing secondary pollution. The consumable-free dust container means that unlike many competitors that require regular replacement of dust bags or filters, its design enhances cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness by reducing waste and ongoing costs.

Exclusive Amazon Prime Day Discounts

To celebrate Amazon Prime Day, YEEDI is offering limited-time discounts on its range of robot vacuum models, making these advanced technologies even more accessible:

YEEDI M12 PRO+: Originally $1099, Prime Price $669 – Save $430 YEEDI C12 PRO PLUS: Originally $599, Prime Price $349 – Save $250 YEEDI C12 PLUS: Originally $479, Prime Price $329 – Save $150 YEEDI C12: Originally $299, Prime Price $249 – Save $50

These exclusive deals provide an excellent opportunity to experience YEEDI's cutting-edge cleaning technologies at unbeatable prices.

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